Not too big, not too small

Hey guys   Bonjour!

Writing to you from Montreal, Quebec!

As we get to know each other you may find that I travel pretty frequently and before you assume that in all my travel posts I will guide you through the sights and scenes of each city I need to warn you that I’m not going to do that.  (Although I may throw in a good eats place here and there)

There are many reasons for this but if you really want to know why I will not be your tour guide then here are some reasons:

  1. There are definitely better websites to find legitimate information on any city and the touristy things to do
  2. Everyone is different and vacation in different ways

In this post i will be talking about my “Ooo and Ahh” moments in this french city and also my personal realizations from being away from home once again.

Ooo’s and Ahh’s:

1.Wall art, graffiti, murals, whatever you want to call it.. Montreal is FILLED with it.Im sure if you search a Montreal tag on Instagram you are bound to find at least 5…10…maybe 20 photos of the classic “candid” individual shot of someone who is looking at the dirt on their shoes and laughing? (Ahhh Guilty…See my version of this below).

IMG_6901.JPGSeeing the same wall in each of your friends’ Insta picture gets a little repetitive, but I will never get sick of seeing a good work of art. Street art can be very controversial, but i have to say its one of my favourite art forms. Freedom, Expression and a little rebellion… thats what I’m all about, so shoutout to the Montreal artists who coloured the city and made my walks through the city (in 90% humidity) enjoyable!


2. A good local business, with a great indoor decor.

Do i need to say more?

Montreal has absolutely inspired the entrepreneur within me. From small boutiques, to local restaurants and coffee shops, I found myself taking “Inspo” pics to save so that when I open my non-existent coffee shop, with my non-existent barista skills, I will be able to design my shop in a way that draws people in, just as most of the small businesses did here. Take a look below at some of the interior design ideas that have inspired me during this trip.


As my trip is coming to an end, so is this post.


Thank you for inspiring me in more ways than one. From outlets of personal expression, business ideas and the incorporation of the two together,  I will be leaving here today motivated and ready to roam the streets back home with an open mind and open eyes to new opportunities that may be closer to reach than I thought before.

To my readers,

Thanks for coming and I hope to see you again soon.

Until next time,


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